Friday, October 10, 2014

No wonder they call him the "Boss"

"Bruce Springsteen", the name spells music. What an incredible artist and what a brilliant Band. I still remember the day when I heard this name for the first time. 

It was a Pre-grammy show and the song was "Dancing in the Dark" (By the way, who would have  thought that the teenager who danced with Bruce would end up as one of the biggest stars of modern day TV Show "Friends", Yes, I am talking about Courtney Cox)'. Springsteen had the music, the rhythm and above all the audience. His  Rugged-Bass voice was mesmerizing. The first time I heard it, I know for sure that this man's going to be on the center stage for a long time to come. And I was right.

The next time I saw him was when he was screaming "Born in the USA", It was somewhere around the time when Rambo (First Blood - II) Was released and Stallone and Springsteen took the country by storm.  This Nation was on fire then, thanks to this movie and the song.

Later when Quincy Jones assembled the "Cream of the Crop" for "We  are the World", we were eagerly awaiting for the names. "We are the World" had the Whos's who  of the then Stars lined up. It was the golden era of Pop and Country as the line up had  Jackson, Richie, Belfonte, Wonder, Charles, Rogers, Turner, Nelson and many others.
Whos who of the 80's 

Quincy is a genius, when he had these  names lined up, he strictly told the artists to leave their egos at home  as this was done for a massive purpose, i e " USA for Africa". Jones indeed was successful in getting all the artists at the studios without their ego.

When the song was released, we saw Springsteen at his best. The way Quincy let Bruce back up Stevie Wonder and later take off by himself,  singing "Theres a choice we're making,, We're saving our own lives, its true we'll make a better day, just you and me" 
was immaculate.

Later, Bruce did a cover version of one of my favorite Artists Jimmy Cliff's "Trapped". I am not a big fan of cover versions, but this one, I  must add, make me think twice about the cover version.

Bruce was-is lucky to have a great band, AKA "E Street Band", His drummer was a the band leader for " Conan O Brien's Late night and his pipe player 'Clarence Clemons". Clarence was one of the best in the industry and blended with Bruce so well that you could mistake them for identical twins (in musical terms). When Clarence died in June 2011, I was telling myself that Bruce would need at least four guys to replace Clarence. Once again I was correct. In addition to his brilliant pipes, who could ever forget Clarence's Cow Bell (Which in face influenced Will Ferrell, do a mock up in SNL). RIP CC! 

Couple of months ago, I was on a Chuck Berry trip and was listening to various versions of "Cest Le Vie' for obvious reasons. Thanks to "You Tube", as one of the links took me to Springsteen's version of "Cest La Vie" which was played in Germany. If you love music, you gotta listen to this performance.

Do watch out for the pipes at  4:30 and you'd know what I am talking about.

It took Bruce and the band a li'l while to strike the right chord, but boy, once they got it going, it was "Ecstasy". They played it so good, even Berry would have given a salutes. Springsteen, took care of the Rhythm and the vocal and let the E Street Pipes took the stage. The result was awesome.  

When the baton called "Boss" was ready to change hands, the guy who held it  was " Bob Dylan". And I don't see anyone who deserves this title more than Bruce " The Boss" Springsteen.

"Keep Rocking Springsteen"!

Talking about "Cest La Vie" one could never forget "John Travolta - Uma Thurman's" moves in "Pulp Fiction" as well.


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