Friday, October 7, 2016

Then Sings my Soul.....

Kevin... Kevin...
The public addressing system of the hospital called the doctor. He is the newly joined doctor in Emergency room of the hospital. He was an assistant surgeon for few days since he joined. It was his that day, he was promoted to be the head surgeon. He was in the hospital canteen sipping his tea when he heard his name was called. He gulped down the tea in one swift action and rushed towards the emergency room.
When he was wearing his scrubs, a very familiar person, Ms. Dharti Sheth stood to face him.
Dr. Kevin Morton
“Hi Kevin,” she said.
“Can you handle this operation?” Dharti was worried.
“I am sure I can handle this. But let us have a small prayer for me and the patient first” Kevin said as he took Dr. Dharti’s hands. Her lips started moving involuntarily to a prayer “Dear Lord God above all, there is nothing that misses your attention. You have to be with Kevin when he performs this operation. Amen” She hugged Kevin as he moved to the operation theater to take care of the patient.
Dharti was still not convinced. She noticed his hands were shaking when he held it for prayers. His heart was beating faster when she hugged him. “I should have handled this,” she told herself as she sat on her chair. She had come at 4 PM the day before. It was 8 AM and she had been working continuously. She was more than sixty and before she knew she was out as a day.

Dharti..Dharti..” The public announcement system called out her name. She ran to the operation room.
“What is the matter?” She asked.
“Shooting” the other person answered
“What is his age?”
“A very young lad. He is just twenty”
“Is it drug related?”
“No. He is a very good guy. He goes to the college in the morning and works as the manager in the hotel at nights. He was shot as he was getting in his car to go home. A mugging went wrong”
“Oh My God. Who brought him here?”
“The police of course”
10% Chance of Survival
“Name of the patient, Age and Ethnicity?”
“Kevin Morton, 22, African American”
When Dharti saw Kevin who didn't show any signs of life in the hospital bed, she cried without her knowing. He was very young and he looked handsome too. He also had the sense to go work when he studied instead of partying or doing drugs. Why do bad things always happen to good people? She thought as she started the operation. It was over in few hours but Dharti was not sure. She met Kevin’s parents and his two sisters in the visitor’s room.
“The operation went well. You can go home. God is GoodDharti said. Kevin’s mother could see through her lies and uncertainty. She hugged both her daughters and started crying. Dharti took the father alone to her room.
“His liver is badly damaged because of the bullet he took”
“Will he live?”
“We have done our best. He has 10% chance of survival. It would be a miracle if he wakes up”
“We believe in miracles doctor. I am sure he will come back. Thank you and also keep us in your prayers”
“Sure I will”
It was one week since she completed operation for the young Kevin. He was treated by the post-operative care doctors. But still, Darthi visited him every morning, took his hands for a small prayer before she started his shift. She hoped one fine morning he will be awake and greet her.
He was only unconscious to the outer world. But he was aware of what was going on inside him. On a fateful day, he had finished his shift at the hotel and bought his sisters’ favorite food. He noticed a shadow and before he could realize what was going on, he was shot. He realized his best bet would be to drive to the police station and they would take him to the hospital. When he woke up again, he was in the hospital.
All these days in his mind he was only thinking about his sisters. I couldn’t die. They need me.
Weeks became a month and suddenly one day.
Dharti.. Dharti..
She looked at the public announcement system wearily. I just finished an operation, what is it again? She thought as she rushed to the beds. Kevin’s sisters met her on the way.
“Kevin is awake. He is asking for you” As Dharthi went into the room, Kevin’s mother was also there. She started crying, thanking Dharti. The sisters joined their mother. Dharti took Kevin’s hand which was warmer than usual. “Everything will be alright,” she said.
He asked for a pencil and note to write something. His note to Dharti read “Thank you so much Dr. Dharti. Thanks for not letting me die”
Fighting her tears, she folded the note and kept it with her. In another six months, Kevin was fully recovered.
Kevin was working on his computer when Dharti came to visit him.
“What are you doing there?” She asked.
“I am applying for my degree.”
“In the same college?”
“No. I don't want to be a businessman anymore. I want to be a doctor, just like you”
Dharti was moved and held his hand “Of Course, you want to be a doctor. And guess what, we will make sure you become a damn good one”
For the next seven years, when he toiled with small jobs here and there while pursuing medicine.
At the College
Dharti! My Graduation is next month and I want you to be there with my family” he said. She was there, happy for Kevin and his family. When everybody presented Kevin with something she handed over the same note he had passed to her on his bed seven years ago, with one line added to it.
“Now it is your turn, Kevin. You go and take care of them. Don't let them die. Love. Dharti
Kevin came of the stage and hugged Dharti and ....
“How did it go?” Dharti asked.
One Young Kid, Dharti.. so young. Shot in his Chest. Some random shooting. He was so lucky that they brought him right on time.
He was not lucky, Kevin. There's a reason for everything.
Good Times
I don't know Dharti. I just could not let that kid die. I had to keep him alive...
Is that so? May I ask you why?
Dharti.. you should have seen his little Sisters... I wouldn't let this kid die... just for their sake!
Is that so? May I ask you why?
Dharti.. Every Girl needs her Brother

Just happen to read a feel good article in CNN and added up my own thought to give it a story line. To read the actual article, please click below.


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